Apartment, Condo and Rental Refinishing and Repair Services

Updating a rental property?

Landlords and property management companies will attest that rental units definitely see their share of abuse and neglect. Bathtubs especially. When a unit is between tenants, a quick and reliable solution is needed to make that area more attractive, appealing and updated for prospective tenants. Bathtub refinishing and repair is an extremely cost effective and quick solution.

Rental Property Bathtub, Tile and Countertop Refinishing and Repair in ChicagoBathtub,Tile and Countertop Refinishing and Repair for Apartments and Condos.

Why refinish a rental property?

  • Replacing a bathtub at a rental property can be expensive, time consuming and disruptive to neighboring tenants.
  • The longer a unit is unoccupied can be detrimental to any rental property. Bathtub, tile or countertop refinishing can be done typically in less than a day, and is ready for use the very next day.
  • If prospective tenants are “turned off” by the condition of a bathroom or kitchen; the time on the market will be prolonged.
  • Our environmentally safe coatings are less offensive to neighboring tenants and current occupants.
Rent your property faster with bathtub, tile and countertop refinishing.Refinishing can rent properties faster.

The Surface Doctors maintain many ongoing relationships with landlords and property management companies to assure the bathtubs, tile and countertops in their units are in pristine condition.

Property Manager Reviews:
Had a chance to see the tub yesterday – looked great. Tenant was very pleased with the work and your service tech. Thank you – I will definitely keep your information for any future work.
Berwyn, IL

Thank you for taking care of the repair as quickly as you did. I heard he was in and out of there in a reasonable time frame and the tenant was happy.
Elgin, IL