Low VOC, ECO-Friendly coatings used for green refinishing.

“GREEN” Refinishing

Being “green” today in the refinishing industry is more than just preventing old bathtubs, tile, countertops and sinks from entering landfills and becoming an environmental hazard. It is being responsible with the coatings that we apply.

This is why the Surface Doctors have developed a new coating that is more environmentally friendly, without losing any of the durability and resilient shine that our customers and us expect on their newly refinished surface.

The Surface Doctors are proud to introduce our new environmentally safe coating to the public. This coating is on the cutting edge of today’s technology and revolutionizes the future landscape of the refinishing industry. Below are some of the virtues that accompany our latest coating:

We now carry a low VOC coating (volatile organic compound) that features:
-50% greater impact resistance over conventional coatings.
-lower odor when being applied, and less lingering smell.
-legal and compliant with stricter government regulations.
-No highly dangerous UV curing needed!

Our coating underwent rigorous lab and field testing for the last 3 years, passing with high marks and enthusiastic feedback from coatings scientists and customers in test groups alike. This coating conforms to the government’s stricter volatile organic compound regulations that are being enforced today in the bathtub, tile and countertop refinishing industry.

The Surface Doctors use this product exclusively on all of the porcelain and fiberglass bathtubs, sinks and showers that we refinish; as well as all ceramic and porcelain tile, Formica and marble countertops and vanities, and all cast iron and steel surfaces.