5 Year Limited Warranty

The Surface Doctors, Inc. will warranty the refinished item for (5) years on residential bathtubs, showers, vertical wall tile, countertops, vanities and bathroom sinks from the date of completion.  It covers defects in quality, workmanship and materials.  This warranty covers the area(s) where the applied coating has separated from the refinished surface only.  No warranty is given on recurrence of rust.  No warranty is given on caulk.  Movement or flexing resulting in cracks or splits on any surface including fiberglass or grout lines are not warranted.  Scratching, deterioration of the glossy finish or staining over time due to usage, cleaning practices or water conditions will be considered to be normal wear and tear, and is not covered.  This warranty does not cover damages by or resulting from neglect of the owner or failure to follow care and maintenance instructions accompanying this warranty. Failure to follow care and maintenance instructions will void this warranty.  This warranty is non-transferable.  This warranty is applicable for non-commercial use only.  This warranty does not cover rental property or third party use.  There is a (1) year warranty given on all surfaces in all rental and commercial properties. The Surface Doctors, Inc. retains the sole ability to render a final decision when determining if the refinished item is covered by this warranty.  There may be a variance in color and/or sheen when spot repairing affected warranted areas due to age, UV exposure and cleaning practices of the original coating.  Contact us for repairs immediately.  Delays may void the warranty, as this may create more extensive repair and would be perceived as neglect.  A $125 service fee plus the repair cost shall be assessed for services not covered by this warranty.

Please refer to our Care and Maintenance instructions for details on how to maintain the appearance and durability of your newly refinished surface.  A beautiful finish can be maintained for years after the warranty has expired. 

For further questions please contact the Surface Doctors at (630) 201-9923.