Care and Maintenance of Refinished Surfaces

Newly refinished bathtub, tiles and countertops should be maintained in much the same way as new bathtub, tile or countertops. The following instructions will the keep the finish clean and attractive for many years. Failure to follow these instructions may void your warranty.

  1. DO NOT get the refinished surface wet until the very next day after the refinishing work is complete. The refinished surface needs 7 days to fully cure. The fixture can be used the day after being refinished, but the use of cleaning products or solutions during this time will affect the curing process. You may notice some texture or roughness that was caused by dust particles and overspray during the refinishing process. This texture is normal, especially on horizontal areas. This texture will subside and smooth out over time after normal use and recommended cleaning practices.
  2. DO NOT let water accumulate or pond in any area of the tub; especially in low spots, such as drains, corners, ledges and soap dishes. Simply wipe down the tub, shower or sink after each use to ensure the surface is dry. Ponding water left for a period of time can erode, discolor and damage the surface.
  3. Regular cleaning is important to prevent dirt and soap scum build-up that will hide the beauty of the finish. Clean refinished surfaces with warm water and liquid detergents or bathroom/kitchen cleaners. Recommended cleaners are Scrubbing Bubbles and Mr. Clean. These products will clean the refinished fixture without dulling or damaging the finish. DO NOT use abrasive, acidic or citrus based cleaners. DO NOT use alkaline cleaners or degreasers.
  4. NEVER use suction cup bathmats or any suction cups on the finish. Any mats left on the floor of the bathtub can trap water and soap deposits, causing staining and unhygienic mold and mildew. The use of bathmats can weaken and separate the coating from the bathtub.
  5. NEVER use steel wool, abrasive pads, applicators, or abrasive powders or creams on the surface. These will all cause immediate damage to the refinished surface.
  6. Repair all leaky faucets right away. Constant dripping will cause wear and rust around the drain.
  7. DO NOT use acids on the finish. If using a liquid drain opener, carefully pour it into the drain, trying not to spill it onto the refinished surface. These materials can discolor and dull the finish
  8. DO NOT store soap, shampoo, bath oil, etc. on the corner ledge of the tub. Water becomes trapped underneath, and in time, this can cause the finish to discolor or damage the coating. A hanging shower caddy works well to store these items away from the surface.
  9. NEVER allow nail polish remover to come in contact with the finish as it will damage the finish.
  10. For countertops, NEVER set very hot pots or pans or cut food directly on the surface. Always use a pot holder or cutting board to protect the finish of your refinished countertops.

Failure to follow these guidelines may result in a void of the warranty.  For further information or questions regarding care and maintenance of your refinished fixture please contact the Surface Doctors at (630) 201-9923.