Why Choose Refinishing?

Refinishing versus Replacing:

  • Quite frequently, when tubs are replaced, wall and floor finishes no longer fit in existing spaces without major renovation taking place.
  • New bathtubs are relatively inexpensive, but when you add the costs of removal and installation, the project costs elevate significantly.
  • During the replacement process the bathroom is inconveniently unusable for weeks while the project is slowly progressing, creating stress in the household.
  • Not to mention, it’s the environmentally friendly way to update a bathroom or kitchen, without having those old fixtures end up in a landfill. Refinishing is the smart choice for dealing with outdated colors, or typical white tubs just in need of a revival.
Bathroom AFTER Demo

Refinishing versus Bathtub Liners:

Bathtub liners are designed to fit over existing tubs and surround walls, and are glued over your existing fixtures, nothing is removed.

Bad Bathtub Liner AFTER Removal
Bathtub Liners are made out of vinyl, acrylic or plastic the same as new pre-fab units. Liners are generally 50% to 70% more expensive than bathtub refinishing and take several weeks to order and fabricate because they have to be custom fit.

Problems arise when water becomes trapped in the space between the existing tub and new liner. Over time, this water becomes stagnant, and will lead to offensive odors and unsanitary mold and mildew. This is next to impossible to correct without removing and destroying the liner itself, then you’re back to square one.

Bad Bathtub Liner AFTER Removal


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Refinishing is the “Green Choice” Eco-Friendly Green Refinishing

Bathtub refinishing has always been good for the environment even before the whole going “green” movement. The ongoing reduction of old bathtubs, tile, countertops and sinks from entering landfills has a substantial contribution in helping to save our environment. Today it has gotten even better with the development of our new ECO-Friendly low VOC Coatings.