Countertop Refinishing in Naperville

Countertop Refinishing in Naperville

Are your kitchen countertops starting to look a little worse for wear? Instead of waiting for those countertops to decay, contact the kitchen and bathroom countertop pros at The Surface Doctors, Inc. today! Reach out to one of our representatives at (630) 201-9923 to begin your free consultation today.

If you’re happy homeowners like us, you or the rest of your family probably spend a lot of time in the kitchen. It is where food is prepared, where the family gathers, and where much fun occurs. It’s only natural that over time your once-beloved kitchen counters will begin to show signs of aging.

Thankfully, help is never far away. Since our company’s inception, we’ve never failed to wow our clients with our thorough consultations, commercial-grade materials, and our exquisite finished product. Refinished countertops don’t just improve your counters themselves, they change the look and feel of your entire kitchen.

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Some people might be wary of the cost of refinishing their countertops, but they just haven’t heard about how much they can save with our services. Naperville homeowners wind up spending 80% less than if they’d fully replace their countertops, believe it or not. You won’t find savings like that just anywhere. You’ll only save that kind of money with experienced contractors like us.

Our services don’t just revitalize your countertops, they can fully transform them! Whether countertops are made of Formica, laminate, porcelain tile or quartz, we can give them a completely new color and a whole new look. We can even make unsightly seams disappear.

A lot of clients ask us if there are environmentally friendly alternatives to the standard reglazing applications. You bet we do.

We have green low-VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) coating available to all clients. And don’t worry, these coatings aren’t some overpriced gimmick, either. Our coatings have undergone three years of lab and field testing. With this low-VOC rating, you’ll be able to rest easy knowing your young children are snacking on safe non-toxic countertops. With these environmental and health improvements also comes a boost in impact resistance, too.

Other benefits include:

  • Mild odor during application process
  • Fully compliant with governmental regulations
  • No UV-Curing necessary

If you’re like many of our other clients, you dream all day about having granite countertops. The only thing that stands in your way? The sky-high price of granite. For many homeowners, that sort of addition is simply not feasible.

That’s why, many of our client’s flock to our faux granite finishes. With over two dozen affordable finishes to choose from, you’re guaranteed to achieve the look you want.

Is your kitchen looking a little behind the times? Maybe those old countertops have something to do with that! Contact The Surface Doctors, Inc. today.