Do they last? “Last” would be the operative word here. We field calls all the time from people who have tried to cut corners and refinish the bathtub with a DIY kit themselves and realize after the end result that they made a huge mistake.

DIY bathtub refinishing kit experiencing a coating failure. Then there are the victims of previous owners who use DIY refinishing kits to save money in order to make the tub look more presentable for a quick sale. In the long run, it cost extra because we have to remove the inferior coating to get to the original surface of the tub.

For a coating to truly last, the bathtub surface has to have proper adhesion. DIY kits lack the necessary preparation process of breaking down the original glass-like nature of the bathtub porcelain and allow the coatings to absorb into the surface. This is a critical step that is necessary to achieve a coating with longevity.

The application of a DIY bathtub refinishing kit is typically done with a brush, roller or aerosol can. None of these applications can yield the results of professional spray equipment and an experienced refinishing technician. Rough areas, runs, halos, dullness, and inconsistent coverage are all common when a DIY kit is used on a bathtub.

At The Surface Doctors, we see firsthand what a do-it-yourself job typically looks like. Unfortunately, the driving force behind the sale of these kits is to save money, which in the long run really isn’t the case.