A bathtub can be stained by several different sources and can require different methods to correct. Conventional cleaners purchased at common supply stores can usually remove topical, light staining.  But, when staining goes deeper into the surface of the tub, professional cleaning or refinishing may be necessary.

At the Surface Doctors, we encounter bathtubs that have been stained by chemicals and dyes, but most commonly from iron deposits from years of exposure to well water.  When the protective layer of gloss is diminished and compromised, the tub can become porous and hold these materials deep in the fissures of the tub surface.  When conventional cleaning does not remove the staining, the tub will typically have to be refinished.Bathtub refinishing is applying a new high-gloss surface to a dull, worn or stained surface. This method is typically done in one day, leaving the bathtub with a shiny new high gloss finish.  The protective layer is restored and the tub is ready for years of use.

To help prevent future staining from well water deposits, the Surface Doctors recommend applying a clear car wax to the bathtub occasionally.  This can create a barrier, after the tub has been refinished, to protect and minimize the tendency of the finish being stained again in the future. We do caution that the wax should be used in areas that are not subject to foot traffic, as the wax can make the area very slippery.

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