Anything that we, as consumers, are going to have performed in our home should be fully analyzed prior to scheduling the work.

Surface Doctors refinishing technician carefully prepping surface of bathtub. Plumbing, electrical work, carpentry, etc…, these are all specified trades that carry a great degree of risk. Many may not consider the risk or “unsafe” conditions that can be created. If a toilet or faucet is not installed correctly, there could be a problem with leaking, causing mold. If a light fixtures connection does not have proper integrity or the circuit is overloaded, a fire could occur. If a bearing wall is altered or compromised, major structural problems can be created. Much of this risk is greatly reduced when professional and certified tradesman are hired for the job.

Bathtub refinishing is quite the same. Refinishing or reglazing involves the use of many chemicals. If the individual performing the work is not a certified refinishing technician, the results can be very “unsafe”. We refinish surfaces on bathtubs, tile and countertops. From porcelain to fiberglass, and cultured marble to laminate, the varying properties of these surfaces require extensive knowledge of what specific chemicals to use and what not to use. Some of our chemical treatments can do absolutely nothing to one surface, while essentially destroying another. Unsafe conditions can occur if an improperly trained individual is assigned to a job.
Surface Doctors refinishing technician carefully protecting the bathroom during our refinishing process.
The Surface Doctors technicians have direct interaction with chemists who create the coatings and chemicals we use. This an advantage that allows reciprocal feedback on up-to-date techniques and product improvements. All of our technicians undergo extensive factory training on spraying techniques, chemical reactions and safety,

We use up-to-date ECO-Friendly products and thoroughly protect the work area. This helps to insure the individuals in the home we are working in are safe because of the structure of our refinishing process.