Antique clawfoot tubs from the early 1900’s are gaining popularity in many bathroom remodeling projects. These heavy cast iron and thick porcelain bathtubs have so much more character than today’s models made from plastic and fiberglass. These tubs from yesteryear truly capture a piece of Americana that is becoming very desirable according to several contractors in the remodeling industry.

These bathtubs have all seen years of use and are typically in need of a thorough facelift. The Surface Doctors meticulously repair all chips, nicks, dents, rust, etc.. to bring these clawfoot tubs back to there original historic state. We use ECO-Friendly “green” low VOC coatings that penetrate the surface of the porcelain and last for years to come. These coatings are rated at being 50% more impact resistant over typical coatings that are used in the industry today.

The Surface Doctors sell these bathtubs and deliver them directly to your home. The Surface Doctors has an inventory of these antique bathtubs that are fully repaired and refinished. We deliver these clawfoot tubs to any location throughout Chicagoland and Northwest Indiana.

These antique bathtubs are truly gems that capture the nostalgia that so many are searching for. These refinished tubs really create the WOW factor for any bathroom remodeling project. Make your next remodeling project unique by including a refinished antique clawfoot bathtub fully restored by The Surface Doctors.