Is your bathtub rusting? The Surface Doctors encounter many bathtubs in this condition. Rust is only a factor on pressed steel enamel and cast iron tubs. Rust does not occur on plastic and fiberglass bathtubs. When steel and cast iron tubs are manufactured, they are coated with a veneer of porcelain. After years of use, this porcelain can wear down to the original casting. With the inevitable exposure to water, the iron or steel will eventually rust.

Rust not only can be unattractive, but it can also be a health hazard as well. Rust, if not properly treated, can expose a person to high levels of lead. This is especially a concern because bathtubs are an item we use every day.

When The Surface Doctors encounter a bathtub with rust contamination, we meticulously remove all traces of rust using high-powered sanders, angle grinders, and oscillating tools to ensure that all traces are removed. We then use a waterproof filler that seals the surface. This prevents water from entering the affected area and limits the possibility of recurring rust.

Our protective primer is then applied to the bathtub surface. This is a catalyzed product that sets up within minutes of application.

Finally, the Surface Doctors ECO-Friendly low VOC topcoat is applied. This product is applied with an HVLP sprayer and sets up within minutes, just like our primer. Our topcoat is actually rated as being 50% more impact resistant than the typical acrylic urethane coatings that are used in the refinishing industry.

After approximately two hours of cure time, the surface is sealed. The bathtub can be used the next day, retains a resilient high gloss finish, and has NO RUST!