We get calls all the time from people asking “What is your warranty on bathtub refinishing?”

5 Year Warranty on Refinished Surfaces
We put a five year warranty on our refinished surfaces.

To many, this is acceptable and even more reason to have the bathtub refinished instead of choosing replacement. On the other hand, there are some that feel the warranty should be longer and would rather spend hundreds or thousands more on replacing the bathtub than having it refinished.

What many people fail to fully investigate; is the warranty provided by the manufacturer of the new bathtub is typically covered for only one year against surface defects. Yes, you sometimes see “Limited Lifetime Warranty” advertised. But, that typically covers just the outer shell against defects that prohibit the tub from holding water. Even then, if the bathtub was installed incorrectly the manufacturer will not cover it, and the contractors warranty for installation is typically only one to two years for labor.

Five years of coverage for approximately 80% of the cost over replacement seems like a more reasonable decision.

Bathtub replacement is great if your upgrading to a larger bathroom, or a more elaborate whirlpool or soaker tub. But, in many cases, refinishing is a wise choice.