We get calls about this problem all the time. While many bathtubs or shower repairs are cosmetic in nature, what can you do if there is an actual hole in the floor of the bottom of a bathtub or shower base? Does this have to be replaced? The answer is no. We have a proven solution for this type of situation.

To begin, we have to address why the hole is there in the first place. Was something dropped on the surface, or was the surface under repeated “unnatural” stress from the occupants using the fixture? What I mean about “unnatural” is, when the tub was originally set in place, was the void between the bottom of the bathtub and the subfloor filled in with expanding foam reinforcement. If it wasn’t (and many are not), over time the fiberglass or plastic-based bathtub will flex and eventually give, resulting in a crack or tear in the overstressed floor area.

This end result, of course, is problematic because water can easily pool under the bathtub. This will quickly cause havoc to the subfloor and the living space to the level below the bathtub.

Typically, you would have to replace the bathtub. Bathtub spot repair cannot correct the problem that has resulted from an improperly installed bathtub.

The Surface Doctors have a solution for this situation.
First, we drill holes in the bottom of the bathtub and inject a highly-dense expanding foam that fills in the void between the bottom of the bathtub and subfloor. This method solves the cause of the crack.

Installation of Inlay Bathtub Repair System. We then install a custom-fabricated inlay that is adhered to the floor of the bathtub. This inlay is affixed with an industrial-strength waterproof adhesive. It fully covers the original crack and the holes we drilled in order to inject the expanding foam.