If your bathtub is at that point when it is looking dull, worn, and in need to be refinished, your drain is probably in need as well. Having your bathtub refinished is faster, more economical, and convenient than replacing the tub. But what about the drain?


Replacing a tub drain is typically a simple procedure, right? In many cases yes; although removal of the old drain can sometimes open a can of worms. More often than not, the old drain has been in the current position and undisturbed for years, sometimes decades. The threadings of the new drain and old piping may not be an entirely sound fit. At this point, the old piping may have to be accessed and replaced. This sometimes requires opening up drywall in the ceiling below. If your at this point, you really have no choice but to throw time, money, and inconvenience at the situation until it is fixed.

The Surface Doctors have a solution to this common problem. We can supply and install a drain sleeve.

A new drain sleeve installed over the existing drain. AFTER. Looks and operates the same as a conventional drain.
A drain sleeve is a device that is installed over the existing drain; therefore the piping below is never disturbed. They look and operate just like a conventional lift and turn drain and come in many popular designer finishes such as chrome, satin nickel, oil rubbed bronze, and antique and polished brass.


If your drain is working fine, why go through the unknown expense of replacement. This procedure can be installed in conjunction with us refinishing your bathtub. A drain sleeve is quick, easy, and extremely cost-effective.